Meet Ya Boy, Jared Wade!

Meet Ya Boy, Jared Wade!

"I'm part hippie, a little redneck. . . "

A line from the Montgomery Gentry song, Long Line of Losers, does a great job at summing up who I am! Or, at least in how I would describe myself. Born and raised in the Southeastern most portion of Alabama, the "redneck" comes naturally. With lifelong hobbies consisting of hunting, fishing, and romping over the family farm, it's easy to see how this half holds up. Yet, I hold many traits that many folks would consider very "hippie-like", especially in regard to my view of nature, zeal for conservation, and simply a naturalist approach to life. 

These paths met in 2022 when we moved back to the family farm and found ourselves right in the midst of the beautiful countryside and all of the plants and wildlife it has to offer. While conservation had always been something that was extremely interesting and important to me, I began building relationships with many of the native plants I was finding on the 360-acre property. Alot of that is owed to my wife, Messy, who at the same time was building a growing interest in herbalism and the "how to" on utilizing these plants as food, medicine, and tools. 

Once our hobbies met, it simply piqued our curiosity all the more as we began to study each of these plants and herbs through each of our perspectives. I began to collect seeds and cuttings in order to propagate these plants, and she began to make tinctures, teas, and blends with them. 

Ultimately, it's a love story that has just begun as we move forward! We started our podcast, "Native Trees & a Bag of Weeds", so that we could share what we learn AS we learn it! She has launched her shop with her balms, salves, and natural remedies. And as we move into 2023, I am excited to embark on the journey of opening a Native Plant Nursery! 

So, my years of redneckery, outdoor living, forestry, agriculture, and love for nature all culminate into this endeavor! I can't wait to see what the future holds, and we are excited to bring all of you along for the ride! 

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